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●Huge air volume blower and air extracting design. By fit on the air exit of PS3 and extract the heat air from the internal part of PS3 to make the best cooling performance. ●USB Power interface. Easy installation. ●Universal push pin clip to easy fastening and installation. ●The Elegant Balch sh
• Convert the dual 5.25” Drive Bays into three 3.5” H.D.D or four 2.5” H.D.D • Inside demountable filter is easy to clean the dust to keep the tidy case. • Aseismatic design preserves the hard disc from damage. • Using 8cm long life fan provides well cooling performance.
●Aluminum pad surpasses plastic heat dissipation by 10% ~ 20%. Aside from faster cooling, it also maintains stability for NB systems. ●It's fitted with two 7cm long-life, low-noise fans. You can also configure it according to your own performance to change the direction of air flow. ●Unique two